Oct 25

International Standards

Two important meetings are organized in October 2016 : the plenary meeting of the IEC Committee regarding Surge Protective Devices (the Chairman of the Committee works at SEFTIM) in Prague and the plenary meeting of the IEC Committee regarding Lightning Protection Systems (the Chairman is from USA) in Poland.


For the SPD committee the main points are related to the application guide for power SPDs that is under revision (at first draft stage for Edition 3 of the standard. It is reminded that the document is a standard at IEC level but a Guide at CENELEC level) and the application guide for Photovoltaic SPDs (this document is at the stage of draft international standard and should be published early 2017. It will then replace the European guide EN 50539-12).



For the LPS committee the main points are related to Edition 3 of the 62305 series of standards that should introduce important changes for the risk calculation (introduction of the frequency of damage concept in addition of the usual risk calculation, better definition of the protection probability provided by a SPD or SPD set).

Oct 20

Publication of a reference book regarding photovoltaic applications (in French only)


The book from Gérard Moine specialist in PV applications) « L’électrification solaire photovoltaïque : systèmes autonomes, hybrides, mini réseaux » has just been published and cand be purchased at http://librairie-energies-renouvelables.org/.

The code « SSF2016 » allows to send back 5% of the total to the ONG «Solaire Sans Frontières».




Sep 26

SEFTIM participates to ICLP2016

ICLP 2016 was in Estoril (Portugal) from 26th to 30th September. More than 250 people were present for technical and scientific discussions and the conference was a clear success.

iclp2016estorilSEFTIM participated as a reviewer for many sessions in order to select publications, then has been chairing the first session : « Lightning physics and phenomenology ».

The 3 publications that SEFTIM has authored or co-authored have been all accepted and can be downloaded from the page « our publications » under the ICLP item. They are dealing with the following topics :

  • iclp5High-Frequency Grounding Impedance Measurements at Test Site in Huta Poreby Poland by Grzegorz Maslowski; Robert Ziemba; Mitchell Guthrie; Alain Rousseau; Vladimir A. Rakov
  • Thunderstorm Warning Systems: IEC 62793 standard by Stéphane Schmitt; Alain Rousseau
  • Lightning Risk Evaluation – Field experience by Alain Rousseau; Fernanda Cruz, Sébastien Sarramegna; Semi Taofifenua; Wacapo Taine;

Aug 22

Lightning Protection in Tahiti


A SEFTIM engineer has performed, in cooperation with SEFTIM New Caledonia, a study for the MOOREA GREEN PEARL Golf course. SEFTIM has a dedicated international team to study the lightning protection scheme of golf courses. The protection involves the main structures (club house, key building and equipment) and recommendations have been given for the golfer and workers protection in stormy periods.




Jul 28

Activity outside of France

Thanks to SEFTIM entities outside of France many lightning studies are done worldwide. Of course, it is generally not possible to list them all as the result of the study belongs exclusively to our custoemrs. Two typical studies have been performed recently :


  • SEFTIM Indian Ocean : study for a power plant in Madagascar. The methodology is similar to the one used in France with a Lightning Risk Analysis, A Technical Study and in-fine an Initial Inpsection. The environmental risk has been taken into account using the methodology proposed by SEFTIM in international publications in order to expand the IEC 62305-2 standard. The study covers also of course the human risk as well as the loss of production that is crucial for Madagascar.
  • SEFTIM Portugal : study for a plant producing bitumen in Portugal. The study has allowed to define accurately the needed protection means without implementing lightning protection measures everywhere. Furthermore sensitive equipments have been indentified by the LRA method that were not identified before.

Jun 10

A new solution for step and touch voltage


In case of lightning activity, step and touch voltage risk can occur in an area of 3 m around the place where the lightning current enters the soil.

This channel can be well known for example when there are only down-conductors on a wooden structure. However, in many cases the lightning current will split between various paths (structure metallic frame, metallic façade covering, electrical conductors, pipes …) existing in a structure.

This risk can be reduced by insulating people feet from the ground, for example a thickness of 5 cm of asphalt. However this thickness is difficult to check in practice and the effect of a top layer of rain water is not clear.

A new product : a mat named “EPR” that is provided like a portable carpet 3.2 mm thick, size 1.0 m x 1.5 m based on 3 layers :

  • Top : non conductive rubber
  • Medium : Stainless steel
  • Bottom : conductive rubber

May 03

Introducing the DEGM – a new way to locate the lightning terminal

DEGMInterception efficiency is the most important parameter to show the effectiveness of air-termination systems. The dynamic electro-geometrical model (DEGM), a numerical method, is capable of calculating such interception efficiencies. This model is purely based on international accepted models, parameters, deviations and dependencies, which are also comprised in the IEC 62305 series.

It is possible to optimize the positioning of the rods in order to obtain interception efficiency as high as the one calculated for the selected level of protection (90%). The rods with the lowest efficiency can be neglected and it is even possible to position the rods in an optimized way using the DEGM.

This approach is particularly interesting for complex shaped sites.

Apr 25


ILPS2016_amphiILPS 2016 was from 21st to 22nd April in Porto. About a hundred person coming from 20 countries were participating to exchange about the trend in lightning protection. There were 4 sessions:

Session 1 : Lightning Protection – special designs, experience & practice

Session 2 : Laboratory and in situ test, standards

Session 3 : Lightning detection, earthing and miscellaneous

Session 4 : Lightning physics, simulation and theory


SEFTIM Portugal was ILPS 2016 sponsor (the Chairwoman of the organizing committee is member of SEFTIM Portugal team). It was the opportunity of a strong presence of SEFTIM with the co-chair session 3, and 2 member of SEFTIM Portugal, one of SEFTIM Brazil and 2 from SEFTIM France. 3 publications have been presented and can be downloaded from the “our papers” page under the item ILPS

A lot of debates animated the conference inside the meeting room or during the breaks and the lunches. An official diner, the mandatory but very charming Fado as well as a bit of port wine contributed to the nice mood.

Mar 10

A 2 days Technical Seminar in Fontainebleau

FontainebleauTechnical development and standards are constantly evolving and it is important for the technical staff as well as for business engineers that they constantly master these issues and anticipate at best the changes. For this purpose, a 2-day seminar brought together most of our available Parisian players to discuss the latest technical developments . The seminar was held in the imperial city of Fontainebleau, allowing us to concentrate for two days outside of the Parisian pressure.

The topics concerned people protection, the various types of Lightning Protection System , surge protective devices and earthing systems. How to check the protection means in field is becoming increasingly complex , and was also one of the topic addressed.

Mar 09

2016 Lightning Conferences

SEFTIM will participe this year to 2 main international lightning conférences : ILPS in Porto in April and ICLP at Lisbon in September. For lightning it is the Portugal year !

ILPS2016For ILPS (https://www.ilps2016.org/)  publications have already been accepted by the Scientific Comittee :

SEFTIM Brazil : The Role of the Grounding System in Electronics Lightning Protection

SEFTIM Portugal : Lightning Protection of Golf Courses and outdoor activities.

SEFTIM France : Lightning Protection System taking into account currents greater than IEC 62305 standardized values.




For ICLP (http://iclp2016.org/) publicationsstill have to be approved by the Scientifc Committee

ICLP2016SEFTIM New Caledonia : Lightning Risk Evaluation – Field experience

SEFTIM France : Thunderstorm Warning Systems: IEC 62793 standard  and another topic in cooperation with Polish and US colleagues : high frequency groundng impedance tetsing at test site in Huta Poreby, Poland


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