Overhaul of electronic system

To extend life time of the electronic systems

Strong of our experiment SEFTIM is able to renovate all radio electric tranmission equipments, as well as their ancillary devices (power supply units, associated testing facility) and this, whatever is the age, the origin, the state of maintenance, and the level of technical documentation available for the materials to be treated.

Three fields of actions:

Repairing of damaged materials,

with checking of their correct operation.

Overhaul of material

by search for substitutes to the failed or obsolete elements, or even by re-design of some parts.

Upgrading of these materials,

by addition of new functions, improvement of the existing performances, or to make them compatible with the new standards





Kit_dts2Our experience includes in particular the overhaul of sub-systems of the radar system for the French Army (ground and air), the development of new ultra high frequencies sourcesnfor the Air Force and testing simulators for the Tacan beacons.



This extension of the lifespan of the materials is carried out :


  • at a much lower cost than the replacement of these materials by new materials,
  • while making the operation “transparent” for the user,
  • by decreasing the necessary stock of spare parts,
  • and by increasing to a significant degree the reliability of the material.