A demo version demo is available. You can donwload it with this link.

A JUPITER NG presentation can be downloaded here: Jupiter NG 12 English

For any information regarding availability, technical characteristics and quotes, a singe adress : jupiter@seftim.fr


JUPITER is a software for lightning risks analysis according to IEC/EN 62305

JUPITER 2.0 is related to IEC/EN 62305-2 Ed.1 that is still valid in France and JUPITER 2.2. is related to IEC/EN 62305-2 Ed.2 (current edition in early 2022)

Risks due to lightning strike on structures aren’t only related to lightning strike on those structures but also to surges generated mainly by near lightning strike.

JUPITER NG estimates lightning risks in every facet and offer protection’s solution including lightning conductor according to international standard (IEC) and European standard (EN), IEC/EN 62305.

Besides, according to international standard IEC 60364, each studying office as electrical & electronic systems installer have to estimate surge risks and adopt adapted solution measures when it’s necessary.

JUPITER NG is useful for everyone working in electricity field.

JUPITER NG helps you to make the good choice and shows you how to select an efficient lightning protection system.

Please note that JUPITER (version 2.0 for edition 1 of IEC/EN 62305-2 and 2.2 for edition 2 of the standard) in is previous version (with a USB smartkey) will no longer be produced. Maintenance remains assured on these versions as long as USB keys remain active or as long as the stock allow us to meet the need.

JUPITER NG version history:

We were preparing since 2 years a new version of JUPITER that is called JUPITER NG based on draft edition 3 of the IEC 62305-2 standard that was supposed to be published in 2020 but failed the last vote. The new edition 3 is scheduled for 2023. Due to the fact that the current version of JUPITER (either 2.0 or 2.2)  is no longer produced we have worked in the last months to include edition 1 (mainly for the French need) of 62305-2 and edition 2 of the standard in an intermediate version of JUPITER NG (called version 12). This intermediate version of JUPITER NG is avaialable since April 2022. It will no longer need a usb smart key but a safety code.

SEFTIM is not the developer of JUPITER NG but provides marketing and technical and normative assistance.

The basis of JUPITER NG has been developped to be compatible with the future edition 3 of IEC 62305-3 when this new edition is published !

Check the news to be informed when the final version of JUPITER NG will be published or alternatively send a mail at jupiter@seftim.fr.

Thank you to also note that the JUPITER website that was containing the demo version of JUPITER 2.2 is no longer existing and that the name of this JUPITER site has been bought by a company that is related neither to SEFTIM nor to JUPITER.