Lightning studies and inspections

foudreLightning studies and inspections can be divided into 4 fields

Lightning Risks Analysis

In this part we realize risks calculation following the International and European Norm 62305-2 and we also take in consideration danger studies, safety studies and pyrotechnic studies (according to the operating field) and EIPS/EIS & MMR according to the case (nuclear or petrochemical industry, explosives depot, …). This analysis also includes ministerial decrees. Thanks to our norms mastery, we are able to determine the most accurate risk level while being 100% in accordance with the norms.

Technical Studies

These studies aim at determining protection means following the results of the lightning risk analysis. As an independent studies office we propose the most adapted protection means to the site while trying to offer you the best economical profitability.

Inspection of Lightning protection systems

This part concerns the initial and periodic inspections realized after work in order to make sure that the new lightning protection system is not only conform to the norms but also responds to the technical studies requirements – that may be even more constraining than the norms – to offer a fully operational system.

Lightning Earth Engineering

Lightning earth Engineering purpose is to define, to measure and to optimize the earths in order to reduce the constraints on lightning conductors and to favor the lightning flow into a given circuit.


The many references acquired by SEFTIM testify to its capacity to intervene in all the stagess of the projects:

  •  Field or file study of existing installations,
  • Lightning Risk Assessment,
  • Definition of the protection means to implement (Technical Study),
  • Drafting of technical specification,
  • Issuance of invitations to tender,
  • Evaluation of the received offers,
  • Approval and follow-up of installation of equipments,
  • Certification of the installed system (Initial Inspection),
  • Maintenance and periodic inspection of the lightning protection installation (LPS).