SEFTIM 50 years of Lightning Protection worldwide






Company SEFTIM is involved in Lightning Protection since its creation almost 50 years ago.

Initially positioned to very sensitive fields : aviation, radars, nuclear, since the end of the last century it enlarges its field of action to every activities needing its skills. With the development of sensitive’s means to electronics and computers, everyone is affected, from the SMB to historical monuments, including datacenters and petrochemical industries or renewable energy.

SEFTIM is also successfully present on export business : USA, China, Spain, Italia, South America, Poland, Bolivia, Korea, Africa only to speak for the newest.

In order to cope with this growing need, SEFTIM has a growing team, counting at present time 20 people including un expert Quaifoudre level 4, two trainers Qualifoudre level 4, 5 Qualifoudre referent (the most important amount of referent in a single company) and a University of Mons expert as well as offices in various sites in metropolitan France or far away . Indeed, even if we could feel relevant in the field of the lightning protection merely by reading the standards (which is already a first challenge given the standard’s complexity), in SEFTIM, we think that the competence and the expertise is cultivate through time. Thus, an engineer is regarded as skilled as after a long formation process including theoretical angles and at least 6 months of companionship. SEFTIM cultivate permanently its expertise thanks to an active involvement to standardization activities and international research studies. Sharing with its locals and internationals peers is a technical improvement (even if it’s a huge financial cost funded by the company) and it’s also the key of our legitimacy.

Fortified by this long experience permanently renewed, SEFTIM offers a complete formation schedule in order to share its expertise.


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