EMC Training and Consultancy

EMC and grounding/earthing system for the control of interférences in facilities

A significant reduction of the risks and costs, associated with problems of damage and/or interference in electrical/electronic installations, is ensured with the improvement of the level of electromagnetic protection of premises, justifying a systematic treatment in this area.
The preservation of equipment and signals is characterized by the term Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) applied to a specific installation, and the essence of this electromagnetic compatibility will be translated in its own Grounding/Earthing System.
In this course are presented the EMC techniques, through concepts and practical examples.


EMC and Lightning protection seminar. A two days seminar to solve your problems.

Facilities may be endangered by lightning, surges and interference of any type (EMC). In addition, lightning can cause a hazard for people and environment. Lightning and EMC are in fact interconnected because the magnetic disturbances due to lightning are one cause of damages considered by EMC and more generally a minimum EMC background
is requested for implementing an efficient lightning protection scheme (as indicated in IEC 62305-4 “The design of SPM should be carried out by experts in lightning and surge protection who possess a broad knowledge of EMC and installation practices”. Furthermore, earthing and grounding is a critical topic for both Lightning protection and EMC. SEFTIM has then decided to propose this new 2 days seminar, problem solving oriented, that includes lightning and EMC (1 day for each).


EMC + LPS Training and Consultancy Combo

Any Industrial Plant has its electronic operation disturbed by Lightning and/or Electromagnetic Interference.
How often it happens depends:

on a risk evalution addressing these phenomena and the protective measures so implemented;

and on a proper skilled staff to deal with it in a day-by-day basis as modifications are always been introduced in the Plant.

SEFTIM answers for this modern situation presenting pioneer proposal named EMC + LPS Training and Consultancy Combo, which is carried out through a 3 days days service at the Plant addressing Staff Training on LPS – Lightning Protection System and EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility, for one hand, and the actual Risk Evaluation of the Plant regarding these aspects, on the other hand.