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Apr 05

SPARC software

For a Lightning Protection System it is mandatory to calculate the separation distance. A simplified calculation is possible according to standards but for various cases (mesh system, many ESE on a roof etc.) a simplified calculation is no more possible and it is necessary to calculate accurately this separation distance, and this is only possible …

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Aug 22

Lightning Protection in Tahiti

A SEFTIM engineer has performed, in cooperation with SEFTIM New Caledonia, a study for the MOOREA GREEN PEARL Golf course. SEFTIM has a dedicated international team to study the lightning protection scheme of golf courses. The protection involves the main structures (club house, key building and equipment) and recommendations have been given for the golfer …

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Jun 10

A new solution for step and touch voltage

In case of lightning activity, step and touch voltage risk can occur in an area of 3 m around the place where the lightning current enters the soil.
This channel can be well known for example when there are only down-conductors on a wooden structure. However, in many cases the lightning current will split between various …

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Sep 18

SEFTIM on the roof of the world

Due to its activities in China, SEFTIM has been invited by CMA to participate to a workshop with the aim to determine the best protection solutions for the Potala Palace in Tibet. A 3 days trip in Tibet has allowed to visit this historical monument and determine its specificities:

The walls are made of stone covered …

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Aug 24

Lightning Protection Study in Gabon

SEFTIM is more and more present in Africa. After Botswana and Mozambique, this time SEFTIM experts were going to Gabon for working deep inside the forest. Climate was good neither too humid nor too hot allowing an efficient collect of data. The Lightning Protection Systems installed on the site has been studied, data collected for …

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