Jun 10

A new solution for step and touch voltage


In case of lightning activity, step and touch voltage risk can occur in an area of 3 m around the place where the lightning current enters the soil.

This channel can be well known for example when there are only down-conductors on a wooden structure. However, in many cases the lightning current will split between various paths (structure metallic frame, metallic façade covering, electrical conductors, pipes …) existing in a structure.

This risk can be reduced by insulating people feet from the ground, for example a thickness of 5 cm of asphalt. However this thickness is difficult to check in practice and the effect of a top layer of rain water is not clear.

A new product : a mat named “EPR” that is provided like a portable carpet 3.2 mm thick, size 1.0 m x 1.5 m based on 3 layers :

  • Top : non conductive rubber
  • Medium : Stainless steel
  • Bottom : conductive rubber