Jul 28

Activity outside of France

Thanks to SEFTIM entities outside of France many lightning studies are done worldwide. Of course, it is generally not possible to list them all as the result of the study belongs exclusively to our custoemrs. Two typical studies have been performed recently :


  • SEFTIM Indian Ocean : study for a power plant in Madagascar. The methodology is similar to the one used in France with a Lightning Risk Analysis, A Technical Study and in-fine an Initial Inpsection. The environmental risk has been taken into account using the methodology proposed by SEFTIM in international publications in order to expand the IEC 62305-2 standard. The study covers also of course the human risk as well as the loss of production that is crucial for Madagascar.
  • SEFTIM Portugal : study for a plant producing bitumen in Portugal. The study has allowed to define accurately the needed protection means without implementing lightning protection measures everywhere. Furthermore sensitive equipments have been indentified by the LRA method that were not identified before.