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Oct 20

Publication of a reference book regarding photovoltaic applications (in French only)

The book from Gérard Moine specialist in PV applications) « L’électrification solaire photovoltaïque : systèmes autonomes, hybrides, mini réseaux » has just been published and cand be purchased at
The code « SSF2016 » allows to send back 5% of the total to the ONG «Solaire Sans Frontières».

Jul 28

Activity outside of France

Thanks to SEFTIM entities outside of France many lightning studies are done worldwide. Of course, it is generally not possible to list them all as the result of the study belongs exclusively to our custoemrs. Two typical studies have been performed recently :

SEFTIM Indian Ocean : study for a power plant in Madagascar. The methodology is similar …

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May 03

Introducing the DEGM – a new way to locate the lightning terminal

Interception efficiency is the most important parameter to show the effectiveness of air-termination systems. The dynamic electro-geometrical model (DEGM), a numerical method, is capable of calculating such interception efficiencies. This model is purely based on international accepted models, parameters, deviations and dependencies, which are also comprised in the IEC 62305 series.
It is possible to optimize …

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Apr 25


ILPS 2016 was from 21st to 22nd April in Porto. About a hundred person coming from 20 countries were participating to exchange about the trend in lightning protection. There were 4 sessions:
Session 1 : Lightning Protection – special designs, experience & practice
Session 2 : Laboratory and in situ test, standards
Session 3 : Lightning detection, earthing and miscellaneous
Session …

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Mar 10

A 2 days Technical Seminar in Fontainebleau

Technical development and standards are constantly evolving and it is important for the technical staff as well as for business engineers that they constantly master these issues and anticipate at best the changes. For this purpose, a 2-day seminar brought together most of our available Parisian players to discuss the latest technical developments . The …

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Mar 09

2016 Lightning Conferences

SEFTIM will participe this year to 2 main international lightning conférences : ILPS in Porto in April and ICLP at Lisbon in September. For lightning it is the Portugal year !
For ILPS (  publications have already been accepted by the Scientific Comittee :
SEFTIM Brazil : The Role of the Grounding System in Electronics Lightning Protection
SEFTIM Portugal : …

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Nov 16

Participation to the French Association for Lightning Protection 2015 Forum

Three members of SEFTIM attended the 2015 Forum of the APF (XIV Forum) which brought together more than 40 people at the headquarters of FIEEC rue Hamelin in Paris . The APF forum is an annual opportunity to talk about lightning protection to the general public but also to bring together experts to talk about various  …

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Nov 08

SEFTIM – Safety !

SEFTIM will soon be 50 years old. We are very proud of this longevity but the name SEFTIM has no more the same meaning that when it was created. We moved from a Société d’Etudes et de Fabrication des Techniques Modernes (Company for study and manufacturing of modern techniques) to an international company making studies …

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Oct 10

SEFTIM New Caledonia becomes member of the Power Association

The PPA is an inter-governmental agency and member of the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) to promote the direct cooperation of the Pacific island power utilities in technical training, exchange of information, sharing of senior management and engineering expertise and other activities of benefit to the members.
The PPA’s objective is to improve …

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Sep 23

SEFTIM China created !

To continue its growth in exports and also to take into account that SEFTIM was very active in China for many years, SEFTIM officially opened an office in China in Shanghai.
In these modern and well located premises (10 km from Pudong Airport, 20 km from the center of Shanghai) a team of 3 people will …

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