Apr 20

The New JUPITER is available

As previously indicated, the new version of JUPITER, called JUPITER NG is formatted to be compatible with the future edition 3 of the IEC/EN 62305-2 standard (scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2023).

JUPITER NG version 12 (compatible with edition 1 of the standard as well as edition 2) has just been released. For any enquiries contact us at jupiter@seftim.fr

For French users only: the ICPE decree in its version of April 2022 indicates that the performance of the rsik analysis in accordance with standard NF EN 62305-2 in its version in force (therefore edition 2 currently) on the date of performance, makes it possible for many applications of the decree to meet the requirements of the decree concerning the lightning risk.

Jan 04

All you wanted to know about Surge Protective Devices

A reference book on SPDs has been recently published (on 17 December 2021). It is published by IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology).


It has been written by international specialists for each of the chapters.

  • Sommaire :
  • 1 Introduction Alain Rousseau – Chair of IEC SC37A commitee on SPDs
  • 2 Lightning and surges Manu Haddad – Cardiff University specialist
  • 3 Risk assessment Alain Rousseau
  • 4 Standard environment Alain Rousseau
  • 5 Surge-protective components Vincent Crevenat – Chair of IEC SC37B commitee on surge protective components
  • 6 Surge protective devices Hubert Bachl-Hesse – convener inside SC 37A IEC of the working group in charge of SPD testing
  • 7 Application rules Alain Rousseau and Ralf Hausmann – Ralf is convener inside SC 37A IEC of the working group in charge of telecom SPDS
  • 8 Specific application rules Ralph Brocke, Nicholas Kokkinos, Alain Rousseau and Antony Surtees – Ralph is the convener of the working group in charge of new SPD disconnectors, Nicholas is member of the working group in charge of SPD application inside SC 37A IEC and Anthony is the convener of the working group in charge of SPDs and shielding inside TC81 IEC
  • 9 New trends Qibin Zhou, Ralph Brocke and Alain Rousseau – Qibin is the convener of the working group in charge of smarts SPDs
  • 10 Ongoing issues and possible solutions Alain Rousseau

It allows different levels of reading from the simplest aspects to the most complex with examples, practical cases (charging stations, photovoltaic, wind power, industry, explosive areas, data centers …), real cases difficylt to solve and a bibliography of each chapter to go even further when necessary. In addition, you do not have to read the book from the beginning to find what you are looking for: the chapters are largely independent and a detailed summary and index makes it easy to search the print or e-book version.

Jan 04

SEFTIM’s News are moving on Linkedin

From now on, general SEFTIM’s news are available on Linkedin


LinkedIn, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Only the news with a lot of text or pictures will remain on SEFTIM site

Sep 01

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

Facilities may be endangered by lightning, surges and interference of any type (EMC). A significant reduction of the risks and costs, associated with problems of damage and/or interference in electrical/electronic installations, is ensured with the improvement of the level of electromagnetic protection of premises, justifying a systematic treatment in this area. The preservation of equipment and signals is characterized by the term Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) applied to a specific installation, and the essence of this electromagnetic compatibility will be translated in its own Grounding/Earthing System.

In addition, lightning can cause a hazard for people and environment. Lightning and EMC are in fact interconnected because the magnetic disturbances due to lightning are one cause of damages considered by EMC and more generally a minimum EMC background is requested for implementing an efficient lightning protection scheme (as indicated in IEC 62305-4 “The design of SPM should be carried out by experts in lightning and surge protection who possess a broad knowledge of EMC and installation practices”. Furthermore, earthing and grounding is a critical topic for both lightning protection and EMC.

SEFTIM answers for this modern situation presenting pioneer proposal named EMC + LPS Training and Consultancy Combo, which is carried out through a 3 days service at the Plant addressing Staff Training on LPS – Lightning Protection System and EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility, for one hand, and the actual Risk Evaluation of the Plant regarding these aspects, on the other hand.

Roberto Menna Barreto


More than 200 presentations of EMC Training Courses to Companies in Brazil and abroad (Portuguese, Spanish and English). Papers on EMC published in France, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, USA and Poland. Responsible for the organizational of international seminars in Portugal (1993, 1994 and 1995) and Brazil (2010, 2012) as for many other congresses. Co-ordination of engineering activities with foreign companies of cutting-edge technology for the implementation of electromagnetic compatibility test facilities in Brazil.

Aug 25

SEFTIM Technical Sponsorship

In addition to our daily work for lightning & surge protection and EMC studies and inspections, we are involved at SEFTIM in the development of the associated technics as well as in people’s protection.

People protection is the basis of our work and it is the first thing we are looking for in our studies. In addition, people need to be protected in their daily and leisure activities and this is why we are participating actively to the French Association Protection Foudre (APF – http://www.apfoudre.fr/ ). APF web site includes a free simplified risk assessment tool for people to determine the risk level of their house or flat. SEFTIM also distributes a comic strip on how to protect against lightning, dedicated to children.

We are also performing since 2014 free studies for architects, public administrations or institutes, associations, national heritage owners etc. under the format of a technical sponsorship. This is mainly dedicated to organizations that are not fully aware of lightning & surge protection possibilities or that have limited budget. A typical case is the performance of lightning risk assessment to help organizations to know if they need to consider lightning risk or not and what is the level of risk.

Should you be interested by this technical sponsorship you can contact us at sponsor@seftim.fr.

You can have a look to our previous projects.

To be eligible to this technical sponsorship you have to understand that:

  • The study is based on data provided by you.
  • This study is only a preliminary study that cannot be used directly as a technical specification for installing lightning & surge protection mitigation measures
  • There is no travel included to your site except if this site is located at less than 50 km (30 000 miles) from one of our SEFTIM worldwide site and that it can be reached by usual ground transportation means.
  • A summary of this work will be posted on our website
  • This doesn’t apply to industry or sites for which local regulation, impose a detailed and official study, except particular cases studied on a case by case basis.
  • SEFTIM is an independent design office that propose technical solutions but does not propose materials, installations or brands.

Dec 15


This year, SEFTIM, in addition to presenting a scientific paper has decided to become sponsor for the XV International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA).

The International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA) is a scientific event organized every two years that has as main goals to contribute to the discussion and dissemination of innovations in lightning technology. The event covers all lightning-related aspects, including lightning physics and characterization, measurements, modeling techniques, detection and location systems, grounding, protection methods, and accidents and damages associated with the phenomenon.


The event is organized by the Institute of Energy and Environment of the University of São Paulo (IEE/USP) with the technical co-sponsorship of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and support of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and the National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

Oct 28

Launch of SEFTIM South-East Asia, based in Malaysia

SEFTIM continues its expansion and is expanding in South-East Asia with the opening of SEFTIM in Malaysia. This part of the world is prone to high lighting activity and certainly the need for independent studies, verification of lighting protection installation and training in the field of lightning protection but also in EMC is very large.


It is therefore with great pleasure that we welcome this new entity into the SEFTIM family.

Jul 15

Launch of SEFTIM Ivory Coast

IvoryCoastFlagThis is an exciting period that is coming with the creation of a new entity: SEFTIM Ivory Coast. It is again and in a short time that a new entity is born in this part of the globe so beautiful but also so severely affected by lightning. The average lightning density in Côte d’Ivoire is 6 strikes per year and per km² and can reach values of 10 strikes per year per km² compared to a country like France where the average density is around 1.3. SEFTIM Ivory Coast is based in Abidjan. It is therefore with intense pleasure that we welcome this new entity into the SEFTIM family.

Apr 05

SPARC software

LogoSPARCFor a Lightning Protection System it is mandatory to calculate the separation distance. A simplified calculation is possible according to standards but for various cases (mesh system, many ESE on a roof etc.) a simplified calculation is no more possible and it is necessary to calculate accurately this separation distance, and this is only possible thnaks to a dedicated software*.

To meet this need, a software named SPARC (SPArkover Risk Calculator).

Contact us at (info@seftim.fr) for any details or for a live demo. You can also download related documents : user manual and technical leaflet.

Mar 19

Training in Italy

A one-week training course on lightning protection was conducted in Milan in collaboration with an Italian company producing surge protective devices Zotup for engineers and technicians who will be working on the Kourou site in French Guyana, especially on the launch pad of the Vega rocket.




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