Software for lightning risks analysis according to CEI/EN 62305

Risks due to lightning shock on structures aren’t only binded to lightning strike on those structures but also to  impulsion (voltage peak, power shock) generated  mainly by near lightning strike.

JUPITER estimates lightning risks in every facet and offer protection’s solution including lightning conductor  according to international standard (CEI) and European standard (EN), CEI/EN 62305.

Besides, according to international standard CEI 60364, each studying office as electrical & electronic systems installer have to estimate voltage peak risks and  adopt adapted solution measures when it’s necessary.

JUPITER is useful for everyone working in electricity field.

JUPITER help you to make the good choice and show you, even if risks evaluation is not done, how to select an efficient lightning conductor system.


Version 2.0

The updates of this new version are :

  • Possibility to use real structure dimension with a simple and integrated design tool.
  • Possibility to describe real lines (overhead-underground ,  with transformer, etc.)
  • Simplified processing of multiples areas.

Update’s detail