Electronic engineering

To modify, to increase, to improve capacity of electronic systems

 Equipped with a team of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians, SEFTIM is able to handle quickly and successfully various developments, as testified by our references.


There are three fields of action :

 Chargeur2Transmission and communication systems:

Design and set-up of « missing links » for low frequency systems up to microwawe and infrared frequencies : acquisition, recognition or reshaping decices for signals, adaptation interfaces, modulators and demodulators, transceivers.



BCR2Videos systems:

Development of multiplexer and demultiplexer equipment for recording, transmission or monitoring systems for video applications : enable to increase the line capacity of existing installations or to simplify their extension.





Ancillary devices and testing equipments:

Development of accessories ti widen capacity of use of some equipments or to improve their operation : airborne power supply units, portable hihg voltage supply units, battery chargers, test facilities.