Aug 25

SEFTIM Technical Sponsorship

In addition to our daily work for lightning & surge protection and EMC studies and inspections, we are involved at SEFTIM in the development of the associated technics as well as in people’s protection.

People protection is the basis of our work and it is the first thing we are looking for in our studies. In addition, people need to be protected in their daily and leisure activities and this is why we are participating actively to the French Association Protection Foudre (APF – http://www.apfoudre.fr/ ). APF web site includes a free simplified risk assessment tool for people to determine the risk level of their house or flat. SEFTIM also distributes a comic strip on how to protect against lightning, dedicated to children.

We are also performing since 2014 free studies for architects, public administrations or institutes, associations, national heritage owners etc. under the format of a technical sponsorship. This is mainly dedicated to organizations that are not fully aware of lightning & surge protection possibilities or that have limited budget. A typical case is the performance of lightning risk assessment to help organizations to know if they need to consider lightning risk or not and what is the level of risk.

Should you be interested by this technical sponsorship you can contact us at sponsor@seftim.fr.

You can have a look to our previous projects.

To be eligible to this technical sponsorship you have to understand that:

  • The study is based on data provided by you.
  • This study is only a preliminary study that cannot be used directly as a technical specification for installing lightning & surge protection mitigation measures
  • There is no travel included to your site except if this site is located at less than 50 km (30 000 miles) from one of our SEFTIM worldwide site and that it can be reached by usual ground transportation means.
  • A summary of this work will be posted on our website
  • This doesn’t apply to industry or sites for which local regulation, impose a detailed and official study, except particular cases studied on a case by case basis.
  • SEFTIM is an independent design office that propose technical solutions but does not propose materials, installations or brands.