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Sep 01

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

Facilities may be endangered by lightning, surges and interference of any type (EMC). A significant reduction of the risks and costs, associated with problems of damage and/or interference in electrical/electronic installations, is ensured with the improvement of the level of electromagnetic protection of premises, justifying a systematic treatment in this area. The preservation of equipment …

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Aug 25

SEFTIM Technical Sponsorship

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In addition to our daily work for lightning & surge protection and EMC studies and inspections, we are involved at SEFTIM in the development of the associated technics as well as in people’s protection.
People protection is the basis of our work and it is the first thing we are looking for in …

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Dec 15


This year, SEFTIM, in addition to presenting a scientific paper has decided to become sponsor for the XV International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA).

The International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA) is a scientific event organized every two years that has as main goals to contribute to the discussion and dissemination of innovations in lightning technology. …

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Oct 28

Launch of SEFTIM South-East Asia, based in Malaysia

SEFTIM continues its expansion and is expanding in South-East Asia with the opening of SEFTIM in Malaysia. This part of the world is prone to high lighting activity and certainly the need for independent studies, verification of lighting protection installation and training in the field of lightning protection but also in EMC is very large.

South-East …

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Jul 15

Launch of SEFTIM Ivory Coast

This is an exciting period that is coming with the creation of a new entity: SEFTIM Ivory Coast. It is again and in a short time that a new entity is born in this part of the globe so beautiful but also so severely affected by lightning. The average lightning density in Côte d’Ivoire is …

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Apr 05

Launch of SEFTIM East Africa

To continue its development and to be present in the most severe areas of the globe regarding lightning activity, SEFTIM is pleased to announce the launch of SEFTIM East Africa with an office based in Kigali in Rwanda to radiate in the region. It is with great pleasure that we welcome this new entity into …

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Dec 12


ONSE: In France, for more than 20 years, the association Promotelec and Consuel, supported by FASE (action fund for electrical safety), gathered actors committed to pool their data to analyse the evolution of electrical safety and improve it.
Each year, a plenary session, usually in December, provides an opportunity to present the work and results achieved …

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Nov 23

30 years of Meteorage

Métérorage, the French and international detection network, was celebrating its 30th anniversary this Thursday, November 23 in the prestigious premises of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council at the Palais d’Iéna in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

After the emotionally charged introduction of Mr. Dominique Lapeyre de Chavardès, President of Météorage, Louis Bodin head of the …

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Nov 21

IEC TC81 MT 17 meeting in Austria

The second meeting of Working Group 17 in charge of storm detectors was held in Vienna on the premises of ALDIS, the Austrian Storm Detection Network ( SEFTIM is the leader of this working group.
The aim of the working group is to publish edition 2 of IEC62793 (Thunderstorm Warning System) for storm detectors (networked: LLS …

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Nov 14

17th APF forum (French Lightning Protection Association)

The now-traditional forum of the APF was an opportunity to bring together the various stakeholders in the field of lightning protection for a day of presentations and debates.  SEFTIM as moderator of the group in charge of the project, presented the progress of the “The lightning protection guide for individual housing” a normative document which …

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