Nov 23

30 years of Meteorage

météorageMétérorage, the French and international detection network, was celebrating its 30th anniversary this Thursday, November 23 in the prestigious premises of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council at the Palais d’Iéna in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.



  • After the emotionally charged introduction of Mr. Dominique Lapeyre de Chavardès, President of Météorage, Louis Bodin head of the weather service at RTL since 2002 and presenter of the weather reports on TF1 gave a very humanistic presentation on the weather and climate change. Météorage’s customers and partners then followed one another to explain their needs and then the shareholders Météo France and Vaisala to end up with a round table to answer the questions of the amphitheatre.





météorage30yearsSEFTIM from its side, gave a short presentation focusing on 3 themes:

  • Lightning Risk Analysis for which Météorage can provide lightning density in France and worldwide as well as data on the stormiest months, the statistical distribution of lightning currents and also the extreme currents.
  • Expertise following an incident where Météorage can provide lightning impact data with the location, the amplitude of the lightning current and its timestamp.
  • Standards: Météorage participates in standard activities (and in particular MT17 animated by SEFTIM) and carries out scientific publications to take into account the most relevant parameters of lightning strikes.