Nov 21

IEC TC81 MT 17 meeting in Austria

IECThe second meeting of Working Group 17 in charge of storm detectors was held in Vienna on the premises of ALDIS, the Austrian Storm Detection Network (https://www.aldis.at/en/). SEFTIM is the leader of this working group.

The aim of the working group is to publish edition 2 of IEC62793 (Thunderstorm Warning System) for storm detectors (networked: LLS Lightning Location Systems), local or grouped in a set of local sensors forming a mini-network. The classification of the various means of detection should be clearer and robustness tests which are for the moment only optional (and indeed very little performed) should become mandatory to ensure a longer life for the user and also reliable and validated information.



aldisThe various parameters such as the lead time -time to clear), the number of lightning strikes not detected or the rate of false alarms should be specified with particular influence of each of these parameters on others, because obviously they are all related and improving one often means degrading others.


As a reminder, the European standard EN 50536 on the same subject has recently been cancelled in favour of the IEC standard.