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Sep 01

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

Facilities may be endangered by lightning, surges and interference of any type (EMC). A significant reduction of the risks and costs, associated with problems of damage and/or interference in electrical/electronic installations, is ensured with the improvement of the level of electromagnetic protection of premises, justifying a systematic treatment in this area. The preservation of equipment …

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Mar 19

Training in Italy

A one-week training course on lightning protection was conducted in Milan in collaboration with an Italian company producing surge protective devices Zotup for engineers and technicians who will be working on the Kourou site in French Guyana, especially on the launch pad of the Vega rocket.

Jan 18

Training in New Caledonia

As part of one of our actions in New Caledonia, SEFTIM has trained a part of the technical staff of a mining company operating nickel deposits. This training week was by chance, the week with the biggest amount of storm of the year on the main Island (grande terre). A total of 300,000 lightning arcs …

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Jul 31

Training in New Caledonia

Training of technical personnel in the province of Loyalty Islands to obtain the qualification Qualifoudre for various sites in the Islands ( Lifou, Ouvéa , Maré, Tiga ).
This training allowed 5 people to discover the different materials and methods of protection and facility audits.
Visits to some facilities have shown both good and bad practices.
The Lightning …

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Jun 05

A new Qualifoudre trainer Level 4 in SEFTIM

To meet the ever-increasing training needs of companies wanting Qualifoudre qualification or already being qualified according Qualifoudre 3.3, SEFTIM continues to develop its training center.
Thus SEFTIM is pleased to announce that its has obtained qualification by Quaifoudre of a second trainer at Level 4 able to train people to Level 1, 2 or 3.

May 11

Lightning Protection training in Brittany

2015 was a good year for lightning protection training in Britany showing the interest of local manufacturers, users or contractors in this area.
Brittany is not necessarily the most severe region for lightning activity, but lightning strikes have usually severe energy and soil is usually based on granite leading to important consequences.
In addition, many manufacturers with …

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Jul 04

Introduction of a training in England

SEFTIM manage training to structure and building’s lightning protection in England during which the new standard has been introduced